Daily Current Affairs Questions 11-11-2021

Here are today’s Current Affairs Questions For Competitive Exams. These Questions Will Be Explained in Very Details, So You Will Gain Good Knowledge About It.

Daily Current Affairs Questions 11-11-2021

1. What is the name of the scheme launched by Delhi Government to provide the benefit of coaching facility to the students?

Answer – Jai Bhim Chief Minister Pratibha Vikas Yojana

  • This Scheme Was Started By The Delhi Government In The Year 2018 To Provide Coaching Facility To The Students Of Economically Weaker Sections.
  • This Year 15,000 Students Got Enrolled For Coaching Classes Under This Scheme.
  • The Delhi Government Has Also Provided A Travel Stipend Of Rs 2,500 To The Students Along With The Coaching Facility Under This Scheme.

2. When is the World Tsunami Awareness Day celebrated?

Answer – November 5

  • The Day Was Declared By The United Nations In The Year 2015.
  • The Day Will Promote The Sendai Seven Campaign-D Goal Of Reducing Disaster Damage And Disruption To Basic Services.

3. What is the theme of Blue Flag – 2021?

Answer – Integration of fourth and fifth-generation aircraft in complex operational scenarios.

  • Recently, A Total Of 84 Personnel Of The Indian Air Force (IAF) Took Part In The International Multilateral Exercise Blue Flag 2021.
  • Apart From India, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, America, Britain And Israel Also Participated In This International Multilateral Exercise.
  • Mirage – 2000 Aircraft Squadron With IAF Participated At Ovda Air Base In Israel.

4. When was the International Day of Radiology celebrated for the first time?

Answer – Year 2012

  • Every Year On 8 November This Day Is Celebrated All Over The World. This Day Is Marked To Mark The Anniversary Of The Discovery Of X-Rays By Wilhelm Roentgen In The Year 1895.
  • Radiology Is The Branch Of Medical Science That Uses Medical Imaging Technology To Diagnose And Treat Diseases Inside The Body Of Humans And Animals.

5. Which is the first country in the world to approve the oral pill for the treatment of Kovid-19?

Answer – United Kingdom

  • Recently UK Health Regulators Have Approved The Oral Pill For Patients With COVID-19.
  • The Pill Will Reduce The Risk Of Hospitalization And Death For Patients With Mild To Moderate COVID-19 Symptoms.

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