Daily Current Affairs Questions 04-10-2021

Here are today’s Current Affairs Questions For Competitive Exams. These Questions Will Be Explained in Very Details, So You Will Gain Good Knowledge About It.

Daily Current Affairs Questions 04-10-2021

1. The Ministry of Law and Justice to unleash household judged by who – started a little campaign ?

Answer – “Ek Pahal Drive”

  • On September 17, 2021, The Ministry Of Law And Justice Launched A Special Drive To Provide Door-To-Door Justice. The Name Of This Campaign Has Been Named “Ek Pahal Drive”. This Campaign Was Run From 17 September To 2 October, In Which Registration Of 5480 Beneficiaries Was Done.

2. What was the theme of International Day of Peace in the year 2021 ?

Answer – Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world

  • International Day Of Peace Is Celebrated Every Year On 21 September. This Day Is Celebrated All Over The World With The Aim Of Strengthening The Ideals Of Peace And Harmony Among All Countries And Peoples.
  • This Day Was Established By The United Nations General Assembly In The Year 1981. Two Decades Later, In 2001, The General Assembly Voted To Designate The Day As A Period Of Non-Violence And Ceasefire.

3. When is World Alzheimer’s Day celebrated ?

Answer – 21st September

  • World Alzheimer’s Day Is Celebrated Every Year On 21 September Across The World. The Day Is Observed With The Aim Of Raising Awareness About The Common Symptoms And Risk Factors Of This Disease. The Disease Is A Type Of Prevalent Dementia That Causes Gradual Memory Loss And Negative Effects On Cognitive Ability.

4. When is the International Sign Language Day celebrated ?

Answer – 23 September

  • International Sign Language Day Is Celebrated Every Year On 23 September Since 2018. The Day Is Celebrated With The Aim Of Improving The Status Of Sign Languages ​​And Raising Awareness. The World Federation Of The Deaf Was Formed On This Day, So This Day Is Organized On 23 September.
  • World Federation Of The Deaf – This Is The Union Of The Deaf Globally, Which Introduced The Concept Of Celebrating International Sign Language Day.

5. The name of the crater which natural satellite Matthew Henson was named after ?

Answer – Moon

  • Recently, The International Astronomical Union (IAU) Has Named A Crater Located At The South Pole Of The Moon After Matthew Henson. Matthew Henson Was An Arctic Explorer. The Name Of The Crater After Matthew Was Proposed By Jordan Bretzfelder.

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