Daily Current Affairs Questions 01-10-2021

Here are today’s Current Affairs Questions For Competitive Exams. These Questions Will Be Explained in Very Details, So You Will Gain Good Knowledge About It.

Daily Current Affairs Questions 01-10-2021

1. On which theme the 13th BRICS summit was held?

Answer – Intra-BRICS Cooperation for Continuity, Consolidation, and Consensus.

  • The 13th BRICS Summit Was Held On 9th September 2021 Under The Chairmanship Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

2. Which has been launched to get the minute-by-minute estimate of the population of India?

Answer – Digital Population Clock

  • The ‘Digital Population Clock’ Was Inaugurated By The Minister Of State For Health And Family Welfare On 10th September 2021. It Has Been Launched To Get Minute By Minute Estimates Of The Country’s Population.

3. In which country is the world’s largest plant to take carbon from the air located ?

Answer  Iceland

  • The World’s Largest Plant To Remove Carbon Dioxide From The Air Has Started Operation In Iceland. It Is Named Orca, Which In The Local Language Means Energy. It Will Absorb About 4,000 Tons Of CO2 Annually.

4. China’s Long March – 4 What is the name of the new Earth observation satellite launched via rocket ?

Answer  Gaofen-5 02

  • China Successfully Launched Its 24th Satellite “Gaofen-5 02” In The Series Of Earth-Observing Satellites. It Was Launched By Long March-4C Rocket From Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center In Shanxi Province Of China. This Launch Has Been Done To Promote Environmental Protection Efforts As Well As Monitoring Of Natural Resources.

5. What is the name of the new chairman of Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI) ?

Answer  Girish Murmu

  • The Comptroller And Auditor General (CAG) Of India, Girish Murmu Has Been Elected As The New Chairman Of ASOSAI For A Period Of Three Years From The Year 2024 To 2027.

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